Welcome! My name is Michelle Grzybowski, Certified Fitness Trainer and the author of

“You Are So Worth It”!

 My journey to physical, mental and spiritual health has been a long one and continues on, still, and will until the day I meet Jesus, face to face. I hope to share with you encouragement and information I’ve learned along the way that will help you be all you were created to be. I often describe being healthy as, ‘living life in ALL CAPS’ because, to me, that’s what healthy feels like. Full of energy, life and hope.


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Researching and learning are my passion. Anything related to fitness, nutrition and health are what I get excited about. I spend hours each week learning and growing in these areas.

The information I have picked up along the way has greatly impacted my life and that of my family. My desire would to be able to pass this along to you, because the thing that really makes me feel alive is encouraging and helping others find true health and joy this side of heaven.

What will you learn here at

You Are So Worth It? *what I believe true nutrition is and the incredible effects it can have on your body and well-being *easy, healthy recipes and menu planning *how-to videos *smart ways to move your body that bring strength and stamina *myth busting information about exercise and food *opportunity for personal, one on one coaching *significant motivation along your personal journey *spiritual aspects that effect your health.


I am a 49 year old woman who has overcome serious health limitations by the grace of God, wise nutrition and smart physical exercise. I am married to quite possibly the most wonderful man on earth and have been for over 27 years. We have nine children here on earth and six babies in heaven. We also have three beautiful (of course) grandchildren! We homeschool and run two businesses. To say we have a full life would be an understatement.

As you can gather from the above description, I am busy, pulled in many directions, and my body has been through a lot. Not unlike you, right? I still have a ways to go before I reach some of my goals,  but I have already reached and surpassed many of them!

I think women need to know there is hope, it is NOT too late and that they are SO worth the effort it takes to be strong, healthy and vibrant. I want to take this journey with you!

And lastly, I must tell you why I chose the name, “You Are So Worth It”. It means so much to me. You see, I believe whole-heartedly that without the foundation of knowing our value in Christ, how incredibly loved we are and how we need to, not only accept ourselves, but LOVE ourselves, before we will ever really find true health. All TRUE health starts with Christ and His finished work. Without an understanding of that, it is all vain. You must know that you are WORTH the effort and time and investment.

Thanks for coming along on this journey with me.


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