Hope For Health and Fitness Seminars: Introductory Workshop

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The Introductory Workshop will be approximately 3 hours and will include a general overview of low carb/ketogenic living, my journey with health, how physical fitness plays a role in health, history of nutrition and why what we are doing it is not working. We will touch upon how diet plays a role in diabetes, metabolic syndrome, weight gain, inability to lose weight, high blood pressure etc. Why low calorie diets don’t work. What are protein, carbs and fat. Basically an ‘introduction’ to more in depth topics that would eventually be their own workshops, such as:

Protein is King (proper protein levels)

Living Sugar Free

Meal timing and Insulin

Benefits of Fasting

Resistance Training

Importance of Sleep and Stress Management

What are Macros and How Do I Track Them?

Shopping Trip with Lists!

Menu Planning

Also included will be a FULL MEAL (with proper protein and low carbs) and a delicious dessert as well as some chocolate treats! (Because who doesn’t love chocolate??) SO COME HUNGRY!! I am not even kidding, you will be fed WELL!

There will be time for questions throughout and afterward. You will leave with a basic understanding of where we have been with nutrition and what is actually Optimal for health.

I only have room for 10 people in each session for the Introductory Workshop. (I also need at least 5 people to have the workshop) The dates are January 2 OR January 9, 2016.

Please click on the PayPal button to the right to pay your non-refundable deposit of $20 to reserve your spot. If there is a spot to leave a message when you pay, please let me know the date you are choosing. (January 2 or January 9) The remainder of the balance will be paid at the workshop. If the weather is poor, I will cancel and REFUND your money! If I need to cancel for any reason, I will REFUND your deposit. The non-refundable deposit it to secure your seat and cover the cost of the food and prep should you not come. ;-)

Because I feel it is EXTREMELY important for a husband and wife to be on the same page, if your husband (or wife) seriously wants to come with you and you are not dragging them, message me about a special price for MARRIED couples who attend together. I never want my workshops to be cost prohibitive.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me through FB or email me at



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